MycoFarm(TM) truffle grow system (with Pleurotus spawn syringe)

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IF YOU WOULD LIKE TUBER-REGIUM CULTURE, PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE ORDERING AS WE MAY NOT HAVE CULTURE AVAILABLE. If you are happy to skip on the cultures and get your own, then you can place and order (it would be helpful if you could send an email to confirm you are OK with this to save a bit of time).

MycoFarm grain bag and liquid culture vial (suitable for truffles, such as Pleurotus tuber-regium). 2.5mL Pleurotus culture syringe included.

Single pack is 1 x 650g grain bag and 1 x liquid culture vial + 2.5mL Pleurotus culture syringe

Twin pack contains 2 x 650g grain bags and 2 x liquid culture vials + one 2.5mL Pleurotus culture syringe

Instructions for use here

This kit does not include a casing layer or humidity tent.

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Everything you need to produce fresh sclerotia “truffles” (such as Pleurotus tuber-regium) mushrooms. Kit contains: 650g Rye Injector bag, 10 mL liquid culture vial, swabs, withdrawing equipment. 2.5mL Pleurotus spawn syringe. This is a two step process which would suit the more experienced cultivator. Wash and clean hands with alcohol gel and work in a clean environment.

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