You can buy a ready-to-go incubator kit here which can hold 4 MycoFarm King Oyster kits or 12 Mycoboxes.

A well-made incubator will keep your kits at a constant temperature and will not overheat your kits. Fungi like stable conditions and your cultures will grow rapidly at the perfect temperature - this reduces the risk of contamination.

Heat mats provide a gentle heat when used correctly. A thermostat is well worth it the investment - a good one will last for years and makes the whole process much easier.

A simple solution is to get a large storage box (or polystyrene box) and stick (and tape around the edges) an infra-red heat mat on the underside of the lid (lid is preferred - as this warms the air gently from above) or underneath the whole box connected to a thermostat (or timeswitch for a number of minutes per hour). It is a good idea to use a max/min thermostat to check temperature and do not go over 30 C. Putting a heat mat in the bottom of the box is not a good idea as it can overheat and dry out the kits.

N.B. Do not overheat your kits - better a little too cool than too hot. Never place kits directly in contact with a heat mat and do not leave it on constantly or you will kill your kits!





It is best to locate your incubator in a warm location if possible as this means the temperature will fluctuate less and you will use less electricity.

Once your MycoFarms are ready to fruit, they can be placed on the top of the incubator in their humidity tents and receive gentle heat from below.

You can buy a ready-to-go incubator kit here .





Incubator with MycoFarms