If you are lucky enough to have a well-behaved airing cupboard which maintains the correct temperature, you may never need to build an incubator. However, if you don’t and you are going to pursue your hobby for a while then it is a good idea to make some kind of container which can be kept at a constandt stable temperature. Your cultures will grow quickly and there is less chance of contamination. N.B. Do not overheat your kits – better a little too cool than too hot. Never place kits close to a heat mat and do not leave it on constantly or you will kill your kits!

A simple solution is to get a large storage box (or polystyrene box) and place a heat mat in the bottom (or underneath) connected to a thermostat (or timeswitch for a number of minutes per hour). Use a max/min thermostat to check temperature and do not go over 30 C.

When places your MycoFarms or Mycoboxes inside inside it is a good idea to sit them on a thick book or upturned box, dish or something similar. This prevents the bottom of the kits drying out and provides a gentle heat from the sides.

It is best to locate your incubator in a warm location if possible as this means the temperature will fluctuate less and you will use less electricity.

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