Increasing Yields

The MycoBox and MycoFarm produce enough for most hobbyists. However, you can now easily boost your yield by growing on bulk substrates.

The idea is to take your colonised bag of grain from the MycoFarm (or cake from the MycoBox) and use it to inoculate a much larger amount of bulk pasteurised substrate. The easiest method is to use MycoFarm Coco Kit.

MycoFarm coco kit

Older traditional methods used pasteurised straw in a hot water bath. This method works because cooled straw is clean enough to allow the mushroom mycelium to rapidly colonise it before other organisms can. Additional equipment and time are needed. Not recommended for beginners. The method is shown below for completeness but easier methods are now available.

The straw logs are then fruited to give many more and much larger mushrooms. With some species of mushrooms it is also possible to add a casing layer (not shown here).

N.B. You can also do this on a much smaller scale with a pan on your cooker and a smaller muslin bag full of straw.

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