Filter bags

Mushroom growing bags

mushroom growing bags Our mushroom growing bags come with filter strips or filter patches. The filters allow the growing mycelia to breathe while preventing other micro-organisms or flies entering.

All our bags can be sealed before sterilisation using a heat sealer or with one of our bag clamps. All bags and clamps can withstand standard autoclave temperatures of 121 oC

You can fill the bags with the substrate of your choice. These mushroom growing bags also make good humidity tents for smaller projects.

Mushroom growing bags sizes

Size M  : Hold up to 1 kg  substrate, strip filter  (MycoFarmTM bags) 19.5 x 9 x 32 cm
Size L: Hold up to 2 kg substrate, patch filter (MycoFarmTMbags) 20 x 12 x 45 cm
Size XL: Hold up to 5 kg substrate, strip filter (Extra large subsrate bag/humidity tent) MycoFarmTMbags 34 x 55 cm

One of our preferred substrate for spawn is Rye grain. However, you can use a range of other grains including wheat, straw or even recycled coffee.