MycoBox – FAQ

What is a MycoBox?

A fast, easy way to grow mushrooms from cultures or spores

What does it contain?

Sterile substrate in a box with air filters, tray, vermiculite, alcohol swab, humity tent with air filter (Golden Oyster culture syringe optional).

How long does it take?

3-4 weeks for most species. It may continue to produce for up to 8 weeks.

What is the yield?

30-70g from several crops

What species can I grow?

Many commonly cultivated mushrooms including P.citrinopileatus, P. ostreatus, P. eryngii, etc

My syringe needle has become blocked – what should I do?

This could be for two reasons:

1) The tip could be embedded in a piece of vermiculite – sometimes just withdrawing the needle very slightly and pushing on the plunger will free the blockage – then just carry on as usual.

2) If gentle pressure does not work then plastic from the lid may have got stuck in the needle (this happens sometimes if a twisting motion is used). Withdraw the needle and starting at the tip, heat the needle with a cigarette lighter – this will free any blockage. Allow to cool for 20 – 30 secs before reusing.