MycoFarm XL

The MycoFarm XL includes 2 x grain bags, 2 x casing mix, 2 x swabs, 4 x trays, 4 x filter bags and one King Oyster culture.

Please read and follow the standard MycoFarm instructions for Step One (Inject) and the first part of Step Two (preparing casing layer by adding hot water).

The grain bags MUST be fully colonised (white) before proceeding the casing step. Failure to have completely colonised grain will result in failure. If in doubt, mix and leave a few more days in the incuabator. Once the casing layer has cooled the grain in the bag can be gently mixed to break it up the mycelium.

What you'll need. Fully colonised grain bag, 2 x trays, clean spoon. Bag of casing mix (cooled after the addition of 1/2 - 3/4 cup of hot water). Alcohol swab optional.

Check casing mix is at room temperature. Mix contents of bag and cut off top.

Pour contents of grain bag into trays and divide evenly. Use a clean spoon to level the grain (preferably swab the spoon with an alcohol wipe or disinfectant first).

Add cooled casing mix to the trays. One bag of casing mix will cover 2 x trays to a depth of 1/2 - 1 cm. Spread evenly and level.

While not critical, it is a good idea to cover the base and sides of the boxes with some tinfoil. This encourages the mushrooms to grow from the top layer rather than the sides (small amounts of the light act as a growth signal) .

Place the boxes in the filtered humidity tents and roll the tops down a few times (to stop small flies getting in). At this point you can just place the bags at room temp (18-25 C) in indirect light. See "Stage Three - Producing Mushrooms" in the MycoFarm instructions.